I’m Emily! I grew up in Texas but currently live in beautiful Seattle, WA. I’m a recent grad (hook ‘em), tackling the Big Girl World (desk job and all). I spend most of my free time wandering Pike Place Market, taking trendy wall pics of my boyfriend or dog, or binge reading.

God says that He has made a home within me and has called it Lovely. I want my life, my home, and the way I carry myself to all be a direct representation of Christ’s beauty living within me and Lovely Lives Here is a space that celebrates that pursuit!

This is my creative outlet and super fun side hustle. I hope what I say encourages you and inspires you to visit a funky restaurant, go on a special date, host a fun party, try a new lip color, or read a great book! Most importantly, I really hope that my pursuit of a lovelier life inspires you to want the same for yours. You can read more about the story behind Lovely Lives Here in Part I and Part II. Thank you for stopping by—I hope we become great friends!